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Acting classes & workshops


In this acting workshop, we'll spend time on the language of Shakespeare, recognizing the clues that Shakespeare left us which make it easier to perform and connect with these iconic roles. 

We'll explore the fundamentals of acting, and what makes Shakespearean acting similar and different from acting modern works.

And we'll work physically, learning the stage tricks and techniques of Shakespeare's comedy,  from satire and snark to slapstick and seduction.

What can you expect?

You will stage, rehearse, and perform Shakespeare's  "Merry Wives of Windsor", in its original English.


You'll be given a fixed character (or characters), so that by the time the workshop is completed, you'll have fully developed and performed your Shakespeare role!

This performance workshop is designed for adults, and comfortable spoken English is a must, but you don't have to worry if you've never done Shakespeare before! Learning how to do it is exactly what this workshop is for!


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Course Information

4. July - 28. July, 2023

Tuesdays      18h - 20h

Thursdays  18h - 20h

Saturdays      12h - 14h

You choose how frequently you come!

4 sessions:  (smaller role recommended)

ONCE / WEEK        €200 

8 sessions: 

TWICE / WEEK        €360  

12 sessions:

THRICE / WEEK      €480

Schillerpark,   1010 Vienna

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