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About Us

Vienna Shakespeare offers open-enrolment acting classes and workshops, in which you learn how to perform Shakespeare's works in their original English. 

All our classes are taught in English by the American actor, opera singer and teacher, Catrina Poor.  Enrolment is open to students of all ages and levels of experience.

What can you expect from our Classes?

With Vienna Shakespeare, you'll learn how to create a fully rounded Shakespearean character, and to recognise the clues that Shakespeare left for you in his text. We'll focus on connecting with the characters in a natural and organic way that lets you perform with honesty, integrity and truth.  You choose what you want to work on each week, so we're able to delve into the acting technique, historical context and emotional undercurrents of the Shakespeare roles you most want to explore.

The focus of Vienna Shakespeare's classes is to perform Shakespeare's plays and sonnets on your feet, without treating it like a formal or an academic exercise.  You'll learn how to make Shakespeare come to life -  and enjoy the thrill of performing his best works!

In each class, you'll be working directly with the teacher and the group, getting individual feedback based on your performance, your questions and your comfort level.

You'll learn how to make decisions about the characters emotions, how to deal with Shakespeare's heightened and poetic language, and how to use your body and your voice on stage. 

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