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Vienna Shakespeare offers open-enrolment acting classes and workshops focused exclusively on performing and discussing Shakespeare's plays and sonnets.  The classes are held in English, and are open to all  all ages and levels of experience. 

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Weekly Acting Masterclass


Vienna Shakespeare English acting class.

Explore Shakespeare's greatest works in this weekly masterclass, focused on individual feedback and attention. 

Learn to read the emotional cues Shakespeare left in the text, and make strong decision that let you create a uniquely personal performance. 


All casting is gender/type neutral, everyone is welcome to bring their favourite scenes and roles

Class #1 :  September 4 - 25

Class #2 : October 9 - 30


"Catrina Poor is a wonderful and passionate teacher, whether it's her acting, speech or Shakespeare classes.

She helped me navigate through complex plays and characters with her knowledge, wit and flexibility. Always supportive and looking for what would benefit me the most and make me grow as an actor, in a warm and welcoming environment.


She definitely is my number 1 recommendation for actors who want to expand their acting skills. No matter if you are a beginner or a full-time pro.

A true treasure for the Viennese acting community!"

Marie Therese König

Professional Actress

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Vienna Shakespeare

Karlsgasse 3, 1040 Wien

+43 (0)680 239 2211

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english shakespeare, shakespeare in english, shakespeares plays in english

english shakespeare, shakespeare in english, shakespeares plays in english